Hi! I am a freelance web designer that focuses on clean and contemporary design. My designs are characterized by intuitive compete with global trends and meet all international standards. My offer includes the creation of web pages, web design, graphic design, HTML / CSS coding, WordPress templates (design, code, installation), creating logos and branding.


Creative design is my craft that I use to enhance my life, as well as the lives of my family, friends, and community. I am a creative designer with determination to discover creative ideas and solve complex problems.

I designed and built my first website at the young age of twenty. My work has evolved from simple animated gifs and poorly written code to a more professional and unique design vision. I spent the next several years learning everything possible about what is now referred to as front-end design and development. Soon discovering my passion for design, I enrolled at College Poli-tech Mara, Ipoh. I gained a solid foundation of design fundamentals and further strengthened my interactive skills through a broad variety of technology.

Within the few years I have been in the Web design profession, I have already worked for clients ranging from local non-profit organizations and International company. I am a self motivated new talent in the industry and will remain apprised of the latest practices and technologies within my field. With such an approach, I will have the capability to form fresh and innovative ideas for future projects.